Teach your children the names and sounds of animals on a farm and increase their vocabulary and prepare them for learning the alphabet with Early is Best Education.

Teach your children the names and sounds of animals on a safari and increase their vocabulary and prepare them for learning the alphabet with Early is Best Education.

Early is Best Mobile & Tablet Educational Programs


Teach your kid to read at an early age and open them up to a world of opportunities.


Enhance your child’s fine motor skills with Early is Best’s writing sessions.


Unlock your child’s potential with with Early is Best’s mathematics classes.

Why Early is Best?

Did you know that from birth to age 5 is considered the most critical period for cognitive development? Experts in the field of child development consider these years as vital for development of social, emotional, linguistic, cognitive and regulatory skills that will ultimately equip children with intellectual tools and prepare them for success in life.

What is Early is Best?

Early is Best is an education technology (EduTech) business motivated to create scalable access to early childhood education and bridge the gap into basic education through gaming environments created for mobile and tablet devices.

Parents and teachers can utilise digitised learning material and teaching techniques that will promote active learning environments for their children and learners.

Early is best comprises of a series of educational programs designed by expert junior primary school teacher, Beverley Berger, whose philosophy is that when it comes to teaching the correct learning habits – ‘early is best’. At Early is Best we promote age appropriate learning that instills the correct learning habits early on in the journey of education.

Early is Best has been developed for children between the ages of 2 -7 (depending on child readiness) and acquaints children with the national early childhood (ECD) education curriculum. Early is Best utilises a phono-visual-picture approach to teaching the alphabet, alongside a principle of teach-test-reteach. The apps make use of gamification and positive reinforcement principles to motivate children in order to enhance engagement and learning.

Our education programs comprise of an array of apps (available on Android and iOS), including a farm animal game, a safari animal game and an alphabet recognition game. Educators (parents/ teachers/ caregivers) can create a profile per user (child) and view individual performance by accessing the ‘badge’ report within each profile. These games are also all available in augmented reality (AR). Our AR-compatible mobile games are also accessible in the app stores. In order to engage with the AR content, the user should download and print out the cards available from our website.

Early is Best has been developed to allow all games to be played off-line and is therefore not costly on data charges. Early is Best can be played from a mobile phone or tablet and can be downloaded by a parent or family member; and can also be added to the classroom environment as a complementary teaching aid, together with wall charts and teacher guides (accessible via YouTube and our website).


Our charity Work

In order to provide ECD education access to as many children as possible, Early is Best has created a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC) through which we drive access to tablets and our educational content.

To-date, the team has completed a project with Afrika Tikkun, who supports some 1250 learners. Within this project, the Early is Best team conducted an immersive teacher-training workshop and equipped classrooms with our educational content.

The team has conducted a pilot project with The ECD Movement (within the Eastern Cape). The team plans to extend this project with the overall goal of providing tablets and educational content to 5 000 ECD centres (with a reach of approx. 150 000 children).

In 2020 our pursuits remain ambitious alongside a project with a leading South African bank.

If you would like to be part of our impact imperative, within a corporate of private capacity (through Corporate Social Investment (CSI) or philanthropic funding, a supply of tablets or other), please contact us on stacey@earlyisbest.com.


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