Pytchley Road Studios

Pytchley Road Studios is a professional audio post production facility providing music composition, sound design and final mix for film, television and advertising. The team at the facility has over twelve years of industry experience on many local and international productions. The facility host two fully digital audio suites.

droppedimageBasiami Segola
Is a highly experienced sound designer and engineer who has worked on over 16 cinema released feature films, various television series, documentaries and commercials. She has a talent for understanding various cultures and the way of people which brings precision to her design and mixing skills; crafting environments that truthfully represent their environment.

ben-temp-picBenjamin Willem
Is a highly experienced music composer who has composed music for over 19 cinema released feature films, more than 40 international documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery and many other clients as well as many television series and commercials. He has had many nominations and 2015 won the silver medal at the New York best of the world film and television festival for original music as well as the best film score award at the Wawela 2015 awards.. His passion lies in writing film scores and touching people emotionally with his music.