1510981_759564210729398_1645426185_n“We are passionate about educating South African’s and with the technology and connectivity available, there is no reason why every South African should not have access to education today. ” Wayne Berger iShack Digital Consultancy Chairman.


Business Profile

For enquiries:
Wayne Berger
+27 82 850-8289
Richard Bensted
Managing Director
+27 82 823-8618

Digital Advisory Offerings

“Our digital and customer advisory starts-and-ends with your business objectives and achieving exceptional returns on your digital assets.”

Customer Engagement & Acquisitions

“Know your customers, service them better and grow your customer base.”
– Integrated digital campaign strategies.
– Advanced (SEO) search engine optimisation & paid media strategies.
– Gamification (motivation) techniques.
– User experience design methodology.
– Lead generation strategies.

Digital Technology Integration

“Leverage disruptive technologies through innovation thinking and technical development capabilities.”
– Software solution architecture design & development.
– Cross-platform mobile application development.

Digital Information Management

“Extract value and insights from your organisation’s data.”
– Big data techniques.
– Dashboard design, analytics and data management.

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